Tiny House

Tiny House Project- updates incoming!

  • And so it begins! - Things have been a little busy of late! The weather hasn’t been exactly ideal for construction, but I have gotten underway nonetheless.  iPhone panoramas come out weird. In order to […]
  • Update/Reflection- Week of 2.20 - I haven’t written on here for about a week, so it was about time for an update. I didn’t get a lot of physical work done this week, but the […]
  • New Developments! - It has been an exciting couple of days on the tiny house front. I have been talking regularly with a couple other guys in various stages of tiny house development. […]
  • Windows! - 4 double-hung and double glazed windows, coming out of a ~20-year-old house. 4 windows at $25= $100 New windows of a comparable size cost around $300 each, or around $1,200 […]
  • Bought the roofing! - I scored big on Craigslist!  These Fabral Shelterguard roofing panels came off of a recently remodeled boathouse. These 12′ panels retail at $38 a piece. I picked up 14 of […]
  • Checking in on the Lumber - With something like 75 days left to go until I start putting things together (!!!) I went out to check on my lumber this morning. We have this moisture meter […]
  • Tiny House Plans - Yesterday evening, I finished a ‘first draft’ of my tiny house plans. These are by no means plans that I would build from, or plans I would show to another […]
  • Tiny House Plans Preview - Spent a few hours putting together a custom title block, thought people would be interested in seeing! I put this together with Sketchup Layout, which comes with their Pro software. It’s […]
  • Vocab & Building a Tiny House- Part One - I’m gonna try and make this vocabulary list as exciting as I possibly can. Most homeowners (or people who happen to live in a house) recognize basic terms related to […]
  • All about Floors - Last post was all about doors, and I wanted to rhyme, so…. I’ve been thinking about my budget for this project a lot recently, so that lends to thinking more […]