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  • Update/Reflection- Week of 2.20 - I haven’t written on here for about a week, so it was about time for an update. I didn’t get a lot of physical work done this week, but the […]
  • Week of Jan 30: Documentary Check-in - I haven’t gotten a lot done in the last week, but that’s okay because I’m going to be famous soon! Sorta, I guess. Maybe. The documentarians that came by spent […]
  • Tiny House Plans - Yesterday evening, I finished a ‘first draft’ of my tiny house plans. These are by no means plans that I would build from, or plans I would show to another […]
  • Tiny House Plans Preview - Spent a few hours putting together a custom title block, thought people would be interested in seeing! I put this together with Sketchup Layout, which comes with their Pro software. It’s […]
  • Christmas Break Update - Hope everyone is having a great holiday! Thought I’d share what I’ve been up to over the break. I got some tiny-house related gifts this year at Christmas. Mainly, I’m […]
  • After this meeting… 12.14 - After our first whole-group meeting yesterday morning, I have some new things to reflect on. I was glad for the opportunity to learn in more specifics what my Nexus classmates are […]
  • Article: Sustainable Skyscraper - I found this article earlier today about a mass timber building recently finished in Minnesota.  Mass timber is different than ‘stick building’ (like in a residential property), and more like […]
  • The Modern Mountain Man- 10.11.16 - If you were to tell my uncle that he was a bit of an odd duck, you certainly wouldn’t be the first to do so. The retired army ranger doesn’t […]
  • Shadow Day: Gardner Kilcoyne Architects - I spent yesterday at the offices of Gardner Kilcoyne Architects, in Williston. Not really knowing what to expect, my plan was to ask a few questions and sit and watch […]
  • Week of 9.16 - This week was all about cementing my ideas for what I will be doing going forward with Nexus this year. I have spent the last few weeks putting research into […]