And so it begins!

Things have been a little busy of late!

The weather hasn’t been exactly ideal for construction, but I have gotten underway nonetheless.

IMG_9039.JPG iPhone panoramas come out weird.

In order to start out, I had to take the tarp off of the lumber that hadn’t been uncovered since… October?
Can you tell which side was covered and which wasn’t?


When I got the roofing, I put it on top of the pile of lumber, so I had to move it before I could move the wood. I built myself a little work table and some sawhorses to help out with this.

IMG_8962.JPGThe lumber seemed to dry well, even if a few pieces warped. Many of the 2 x 6’s came out with a camber, but nothing that can’t be dealt with.


Laying out the subfloor was a pretty quick process, surprisingly.


I made myself a right angle jig to ensure square on all my corners, and got to use my fancy new nail gun for the first time!

IMG_9031.JPGAfter squaring all four corners, I added a Simpson ZMax Angle on for extra strength.

Ta-da. About 5 hours of work over two days.

There’s not a whole lot more I’ll be able to do until I get some more materials ordered. I have my order of plywood all done, but I still need to get some insulation before I can get any more work done.
Since the next few weeks will be busy with finals and the like, I’m not too worried about having a lull in the work.

I have a Google Doc linked here where I’ve been keep an itemized list of my purchases as I go through this process.



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