New Developments!

It has been an exciting couple of days on the tiny house front.

I have been talking regularly with a couple other guys in various stages of tiny house development. One is from Ireland and another one lives in SoCal.
The one from SoCal showed me a neat tiny house I hadn’t seen before, built by Escape Traveler RV. They have some phenomenal, unique models. I especially like the classic traveler layout. In particular, I was really struck by the daybed layout.

screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-18-04-25Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 18.05.29.png

The Traveler has the bedroom on the end of the trailer, much like how I have mine laid out, but without a large demarcation between the bedroom and the rest of the building. I like the possibilities that a more open bed allows for, but the question is how I could make it work while keeping all the storage space I need. I will definitely continue to play around more with my floor plans up until (and during) the build.
I like to think I have my tiny house interior more or less thought out, but I still pick up bits and pieces from other places along the way. Take the time to check out the gallery on the Escape Traveler website!

In other, more exciting news, I picked up some more windows this week. IMG_8169.JPGIMG_8175.JPG

The two double-hung windows in the back are the ones I picked up last month. The new ones are two arched windows about 18″ x 55″, and one 95″ x 15″. I don’t think I really have a place to use the long window, but they were free, so I’m not complaining.
I didn’t think I answered the Craigslist ad in time, since things for free usually disappear pretty quickly. But to my good fortune, I got a reply with an address and a time to come by, and so I did.
And while it was neat that I got some perfect windows for free, the best part is that the guy that gave them to me was living in a tiny house! I didn’t take any pictures, since the whole ‘living in a house built on a trailer’ thing isn’t totally legal, but his THOW was very similar to what I plan on making! His trailer was around 8′ x 16′, and he said he spent around $7,000 building and furnishing it. We talked about materials and organization and tiny living for nearly an hour.
It would be fun to meet more tiny housers in the area. The problem is finding them!

Their houses are so small, ya know.



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