Tiny House Plans

Yesterday evening, I finished a ‘first draft’ of my tiny house plans. These are by no means plans that I would build from, or plans I would show to another contractor, but they are a little more accessible than a 3D model on my computer. My hope is that having a couple copies out at Nexhibition night will allow people to get a pretty good idea of the shape and size of my tiny house.

The process of making these plans was an opportunity (and excuse) to play with my new LayOut software that comes with Sketchup Pro. There’s definitely a learning curve, but I think I have a good enough handle on it to be able to crank out some high-quality drafting plans a little later on.

With the LayOut program, I got to set up my own title block, which is the official name for the boxes that go around the drawings. I modeled my title block after the ones I’ve seen in similar tiny plans. I certainly enjoyed making something that ended up looking so professional!
The tiny plans are linked here since WordPress doesn’t have an in-line display option.

Once I get more of my interior planned out, I hope to make another set of plans that shows off the furnishings.

In the meanwhile, I’ll have a couple copies of these plans printed out at Nexhibition, along with some other plans that inspired me!


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