Christmas Break Update

Hope everyone is having a great holiday! Thought I’d share what I’ve been up to over the break.

I got some tiny-house related gifts this year at Christmas. Mainly, I’m excited about the nail gun I got!


It’s a heavy tool (about 8 pounds), but it’ll be better than having to hammer in all those nails individually. Even better, this is a cordless nailer, so I don’t have to deal with an air compressor and air line.

I also got myself the gift of the book in my sidebar right now: Housebuilding, a DIY Guide. I’ll be needing it in just a few short months!

I’ve been working on drawing up plans for my tiny house to have at Nexhibition night. My 3D model is more or less done, but I wanted some more visuals to be able to present. I hope to have that completed shortly after we get back from break!

I’ll have another post ready just after New Year’s. Until then, I have a lot of college app stuff to get done!

Happy Holidays~




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