Article: Sustainable Skyscraper

I found this article earlier today about a mass timber building recently finished in Minnesota. 

Mass timber is different than ‘stick building’ (like in a residential property), and more like how one would build a traditional skyscraper, with thick masses of steel and concrete. In a mass timber structure, wood is laminated into beams and posts the size that those concrete and steel beams would be. In this seven story tower, the wood was taken from trees killed by invasive borer beetles and made into nail/glulam posts. In most cases, trees infested by such invasive insect species cannot be used as traditional lumber, but this new construction method allows these trees to go to a good use, rather than burned or left to rot.

As building codes in America continue to evolve and grow with new technology, I hope to see more large-scale wooden structures built. Building with wood is far more sustainable, requires far less labor, and takes less time. Perhaps in the future I’ll write a full post on mass timber construction!


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