First Looks- 9.25.16

I picked up the trailer Sunday morning! It didn’t take as long as I had thought it would to get the rims on, and we got hitched up without any worries. I was slightly surprised to find that the trailer has electric brakes! Not hooked up to anything, but that can be easily remedied. I’ll have to get those wired when I do the lights sometime in the next couple of weeks. I stuck on the temporary plate that cost me a whopping $6 at the DMV, and off we went. The seller was a nice guy, college age, and threw in some extra bits and pieces while I was there (you can never have too many pieces of steel laying around!). It’s currently parked out in our field, and it’ll stay there for quite some time. Perhaps I’ll get the subfloor on before winter comes, but I doubt it. Nonetheless, I took my trusty measuring tape to it and mocked up a quick model on Sketchup, which will help me envision the design a little better as I move into the next step here: making blueprints. img_5910IMG_5923.JPG

I’ve used several different architectural CAD programs before (ReVit, ArchiCad, and Chief Architect among them) but I’ll be doing my modeling and design in Sketchup because it will require me to be more hands-on in my understanding of exactly how every piece goes together and what considerations I need to take as I work through this design. Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 14.08.27.png

Shown above is my rough mockup. It doesn’t include every detail, but it captures the important dimensions.
I hope to have some sketches of house design up soon!


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