Week of 9.16

This week was all about cementing my ideas for what I will be doing going forward with Nexus this year.
I have spent the last few weeks putting research into my project, making sure I understand the ins and outs of it, preparing myself to meet with some people who know more than I do.
Earlier this week, I met with a contractor to discuss building practices, costs, and mainly just to figure out if I was crazy. When even the tiniest homes are built, contractors use a team of professionals, and costs can run extravagantly high; who am I to think that I can build one on my own and on a tight budget? While I certainly have experience with carpentry, even as far as framing, I’ve never done anything as complex as building a house.
That conversation allayed some of my concerns, but not all.
I feel quite confident in my ability to understand laws, codes, practices, and be able to design a structure that will be functional and safe.
I feel quite confident in my ability to learn for myself the skills I will need, and to be able to find someone who can help me when I need it.
I feel less confident in my ability to manage my time and resources the way I will need to. This is something I will need to learn as the year goes on.
Most importantly, I feel less confident in my ability to make decisions without the input of others. I would like this experience to help me better my decision-making skills and allow me to be confident in my own skills and knowledge.

This week, I am excited about the prospect of working with an architect, an engineer, or some other professional. I look forward to learning the sort of skills that can’t be taught in a classroom. I can’t wait to really get started.


Photo: Didn’t have a relevant photo for this week, but here’s a nice photo I took at the top of Mount Baldy (12,441′) in New Mexico- the tallest peak I ever climbed, summited at the end of a difficult trek I unlike anything I had ever undertaken. I consider it one of my greatest achievements, and hope there will be a similarly awesome achievement at the other end of this project.


One response to “Week of 9.16

  1. Don’t forget our crossword accomplishments! 🙂 also my dad (an electrical engineer) and the small group of guys he works with – all very modern and friendly – could probably be a resource if you wanted to talk to them. They worked on the Jay Peak water house and stuff like that and I’m sure my dad could give input (he’s always complaining about how companies do their lighting and stuff when he can do it for a forth of the cost and better) if you wanted that. Good luck Jacob!


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